Dugi Otok (literally meaning “Long Island”) is one of the most beautiful islands in Dalmatia. It is named after its peculiar long shape (long 50 km and wide 5 km approximately) and it offers the chance to have unforgettable experiences, also due to its spectacular views. It is characterized by several bay, beaches and villages. It offers a relaxing and quiet vacation, perfect for those who love food, sea and nature.

It is possible to take part to organized excursions by land or by sea, as well as diving, snorkeling, sailing and fishing. Available for rent also small boats, scooters, canoas, and bicycles.

In the northers side of the island you will find the lighthouse and the villages of Veli Rat (known for the Marina), Verunić and Božava, which offer a wide choice of restaurants and docking points for boats.

The central part of the island has several bay and beaches. Brbiščica is the most famous one, due also to the presence of a natural pool and a blue cave nearby.

The southern side of the island is known for Telašćica Nature Park, with its Salt Lake, and Kornati National Park, which you can visit through one of the excursions by boat, leaving from Sali.

Sali is a turistic village and administrative center of the island, very popular in August because of the “Saljske užance”: three days of celebration, during which Sali becomes the main attraction of the island, with concerts, traditional music played with drums and horns, and a donkey race.